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What is my pupil distance?

General Instructions
  • Clean desktop / phone camera
  • Use a standard, light colored magnetic card
  • Well lit room, no bright backlights
  • Check network connection
  • Adjust volume & listen to instructions carefully
Camera Access Privacy Concerns

We require camera permission on the browser to perform the scan If denied, browser settings should be manually changed to open camera

  • We only access the camera for the duration of the scan
  • We take great care to implement and maintain the security
of our services:
  • GDPR compliant
  • ISO 27018 certificate for IT and cloud privacy protection
To measure your PD:
  • Press "Measure my PD" button
  • Position yourself 30-40 cm from the screen
  • Face parallel to the camera
  • Eyes clearly visible
  • Move away loose hair covering eyes
  • Hold card at the top corner
  • Place card just above the eyebrows
  • Magnetic strip clearly visible
Measure my PD